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Custom Maintenance Plans
Home Check In Services

Feeling uneasy about leaving your home unoccupied while vacationing or while away for the season?

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed about keeping up with the regular maintenance of your home?

We will provide reassurance with an UpKeep Assurance home check in or maintenance plan. 

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Home Check In Services

We can take care of your home while you are away and check in with our local trustworthy team.


Decide if you'd like us to come weekly, biweekly, monthly, or by appointment. 


We will complete our custom checklist (including the items mentioned below) and share our report with you.

Enjoy the full benefits of UpKeep Assurance when you partner a maintenance plan with our home check in services. 

Turn lights on or off within the interior or exterior

Lock windows and doors to prevent break-ins

Run faucets and showers, flush toilets, and check for leaks

Check refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, wine chiller, etc.

Check gas stove and fireplace

Check mechanicals and electrical panel are working correctly

Adjust thermostat and humidifier, ensure A/C and furnace are operating correctly

Check for water leaks, mold or mildew, or water damage

Check water softener, water heaters, and well pump

Inspect for signs of rodents or insects on the interior and exterior

Check readiness of generator in case of emergency

Turn on/off water valve depending on preferences and time of year

Inspect garage, porches, and deck for irregulatiries

Bring in mail, packages, newspaper, etc.

Walk the perimeter and inspect exterior

Check water softener and add salt if needed

Ensure smoke detectors are in working order

Check sump pump and septic alarm


Maintenance Report & Plan

Our experienced home maintenance professionals will do a thorough exam of your home and provide you with a multi-level maintenance report. 

After evaluating the report, we will work together to produce a custom maintenance plan to keep your home in premium condition. 

Maintenane Plan
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